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5614 BonBonUp Stretchy Jeans
5614 BonBonUp Stretchy Jeans

5614 BonBonUp Stretchy Jeans

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 Booty-enhancing skinny jeans, designed to comfortably lift, shape and firm your rear while wearing them, these pretty women's jeans add wow factor to your rear, while also controlling your curves in all the right places.These jeans embody the exceptional quality that Colombian garments are known for. They not only enhance your booty, but also create smooth and controlled hips and thighs. The result is a more seamless silhouette and a comfortable pair of blues that solve the problem of bulging that occurs when wearing regular skinny jeans.

Step into this enhancing denim and you'll never want to go back to your regular jeans again.

This Garment Jean is made with Colombian fabrics, and Colombian artisanship, Making each one a unique piece.


Unique Features

  • Dark wash
  • Heart shape stitching
  • Wide set pockets
  • Tummy control
  • Stretchy material, you can go down a size for tighter fit
  • Three button ultra high waist
  • Waistline Contour - thick waist band gives a more defined waist
  • Often referred to as "Levanta Cola", Brazilian Pants or Push Up Jeans, these Colombian Made jeans are popular due to its butt lifting properties
  • Unique Stitching on the back region to give the look of a fuller, rounder, and perkier backside.
  • Material 97% Cotton 3% Elastane



  • Lifts, firms and shapes your booty
  • Creates smooth and controlled hips and thighs
  • Prevents bulging at the waistline
  • Firm and comfortable fit, ideal for various body types
  • No muffin top



Jeans ajustados que realzan el gluteo. Diseñados para levantar, dar forma y reafirmar cómodamente tu trasero mientras los usas. Estos bonitos jeans para mujer agregan un factor sorpresa a tu trasero, mientras que también controlan tus curvas en todos los lugares correctos. Las prendas son conocidas. No solo realzan tu trasero, sino que también crean caderas y muslos suaves y controlados. El resultado es una silueta más perfecta y un cómodo par de jeans que resuelven el problema de abultamiento que se produce cuando se usan jeans ajustados normales.

Ponte este Jean que realza y no querrás volver a usar tus jeans habituales nunca más.

Esta prenda Jean está elaborada con tejidos colombianos, y artesanía colombiana, haciendo de cada uno una pieza única.


Desaparece el “muffin top”

Levanta, reafirma y da forma a tu trasero
Crea caderas y muslos suaves y controlados
Evita abultamientos en la cintura
Ajuste firme y cómodo, ideal para varios tipos de cuerpo

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