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Semilla de Brazil/Brazilian Seed
Semilla de Brazil/Brazilian Seed

Semilla de Brazil/Brazilian Seed

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This seed (Aleurites moluccana) is the bone of a fruit called Guahaya given a candle tree name or kukui, is a South Asian tree from which an oil that is used as a varnish is obtained. It is a natural slimming, low weight, low body measurements, reduce cholesterol, reduce triglycerides and best naturally. In your treatment for a month find 30 bits, this seed oil contains: Fat Poliinisaturada Linoleic acid Oleic acid Fiber Oil Carbohydrates Protein Our seed is 100% organic as for cultivation is not any kind of chemicals or fertilizers are used, it is carefully harvested. You can take it with confidence and get excellent results as long as you follow our recommendations. WHAT IS IT FOR? Polyunsaturated fatty acid. Polyunsaturated acids have a generally beneficial effect LOWERING cholesterol. LINOLEIC ACID CLA is a new nutrient that is being used to control body weight. Reduces body fat, reshapes the body shape, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, improves the immune system, acts as an antioxidant, preventing the onset of certain diseases and premature aging. DIETARY FIBER. Dietary fiber is essential for our body to function properly, because our digestive system is designed so that our diet contains an adequate amount of fiber, which must be between 20 and 30 g of fiber a day. CARBOHYDRATES. Carbohydrates perform various functions, the energy reserve and training of the two most important structures. On the other hand, is responsible for maintaining muscle activity, body temperature, blood pressure, proper bowel function and activity of neurons. Also act as protective elements. HOW TO TAKE THE SEED OF BRAZIL? Start by taking a small bit of seed. For your body to gradually assimilate the product. When assimilates well, raise the largest portion pieces. Take it at night with a glass of water before bedtime. USEFUL TIPS FOR A GOOD RESULT While everyone is different and each person will fall under its metabolism, there are determinants, follow them as the thousands of people who have lost a lot of weight. * WATER, drink 2 liters a day. to help eliminate toxins and fats. * Potassium, to balance the eventual loss, consuming a daily banana, soy additionally, pure orange juice, tuna, apple, tomato, carrot, lentils, kiwi ... * YOGURT, one day to maintain intestinal flora. 1) Evidence - Based on the success, the result depends 100% consistency. With seed brazil signed into a process that reduces fat but also reaffirms muscles, then the first 15 days will surely not come down weight, because you'll be down on fat and muscle mass weight up ..... But if you notice that you are losing body mass (measured) and your image will look best about after the 15th you will not you will increase muscle weight but will still dropping weight in fat, then begin to lose weight and body measurements, consistency is everything NO TE DESPAIR and get good results. 2) The seed - burns fat, do not eat excessive fats during treatment, it is illogical to burn and consume more fat at the same time. 3) The seed - Reduces your appetite. It also reduces the consumption of flour and fat eating (eating more fruits and vegetables). 4) The seed - It helps burn fat and lose weight with exercise, then takes 20 minutes of daily exercise. But not necessary as you will still lose weight. 5) Drink plenty of water, at least 2-3 liters, remember that you will go more often and water helps the process. Apply light massage especially in the area that needs to lose more body fat thus be more easily removed and eliminated. Remember that every body is different, so ¼ is only a recommendation, if you feel excessive looseness in the stomach reduces the portion and find its balance point where evacuate 2 or 3 times a day as normal. SLIMS WHILE YOU SLEEP
This is a natural 🌱 product and it is responsibility of those who take it. Use it responsibly 

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